Win 1 Million Pesos and other prizes by swiping your lock screen!

They are always trending and most talked about app in the Philippines today,Imagine in just swiping your lock screen you will win awesome prizes.Check out AGILA REWARDS in Google Play Store and see it for your self,As of now they are only available on all Android phones.
WHAT IS AGILA REWARDS?AGILA Rewards is the FIRST lock screen advertising application that rewards android users.

Every swipe you will get points that qualifies for the everyday draw,Everyday they are giving 500 prizes it means 500 winners everyday.

I just won 3 prizes already and qualified for the grand draw,Yey!You can invite your friends and family too for additional points and ofcourse they get to chance to win too.

Here are some FAQ of this app 
 might answer your questions.

How can I get this App?

Agila rewards will be pre- embedded and uploaded over the air to all myphone android users. Click Agila banner Ad to install the app .Log –in and register via facebook. This lockscreen application will be also available at google play store.

Is Agila Rewards exclusive for MyPhone users only?

No ,Agila rewards is open to all android phone users regardless of your phone brand . However , it cannot support IOS .

How it works ?

Advertisement will appear everytime the user opens the phone. User will get raffle entries per engagement, swipe right , swipe left or share .

How to earn raffle entries ?

By swiping left you can engage with the contents of the ad and automatically earn 5 raffle entries for the lucky draws. Swiping right will unlock the phone as normal. Earn 1 raffle entry even you swipe right. Share your promo code or post the advertisement on your facebook account to gain more chances of winning. Get extra 20 points per share. Have a chance to take home exciting prizes from your favourite brands.

How will I know if I win something ?

Check you e-wallet feature on your Agila rewards app. Winning items will be shown automatically on your e-wallet with complete details needed (Item name , expiration date, redemption details.) In addition, a push notification will be sent to the raffle winner .

How can I redeem prizes ?

Redemption will vary per advertiser. Go to e-wallet and check redemption details .

Can I win multiple times on AGILA Rewards?

Yes . You may win multiple times provided that your winning raffle entry is unique for each time. Swipe more ,get more chances of winning.

Can I still use my default lock screen password to secure the device?

Yes, you can still use your Android phone default lock screen password. Agila rewards will not compromise your device security.

Check out AGILA REWARDS in Facebook HERE