Is Offline Marketing effective for bloggers?

As a "newbie" blogger yes i always feel and obviously im new in the world of blogging,I really need to make an effort to promote and get that high traffic.To get that possible project ofcourse and share something new.I say this is a job for me but frankly most of the blogs are earnings some cash for themselves.
How do i promote my posts?Simply sharing in my social media accounts and use hastags,Especially in twitter.Honestly i haven't tried offline like for example tellig my friend like hey girl visit my blog blah blah blah kinda nor comfortable saying it.But,Its a challenging world lets see what will be the effect if i try it.Why not,In this survy i will find out for myself and answer it.

Answer this survey HERE let us challenge our self if what way is the most effective way of marketing for us bloggers.