#homecoming : A video of a Filipino Family

Viral video that makes us realized everything,and it touches our heart.Watch the video from Lancris Residences and be touched at the heart warming message of the clip,It shows how Filipino are.It is #homecoming of the Grand Parents,Thank you to Lancris Residences,They didn't traveled far after they arrived at airport,They had much time to rest.It shows Filipinos respects their parents,The act of being silence instead of making arguements,The closeness of a Filipino people,They choose to live in the same place where they can Live the life they've always wanted with their family.Making them live happily and peacefully.

I remember when my grandma arrived from Saudi,I was crying, It was tears of joy.I had so many stories to tell her and asked many questions.She said she missed the home so much,And ofcourse she missed us.As a grand children me and my cousins are not so much excited about "pasalubongs" were much excited the stories were about to tell her.I never saw she was tired that time.It's hard to live,Away to your family,It feels like days are years.

Filipino Family are always close to each other.We don't want to live far because we want to see our family member everyday and a simple saying of  "hello" makes our family smile.

There's no place like home they say.It's true,Living peacefully and happily in a house with your family makes the house a home.Wherever you will go,You will always wanted to be at HOME,The place where your family are waiting for you.