My Hair Problem Solution

Sometimes we are facing the problem of hair damaged and hair loss like me i just cut off my long hair because i'm experiencing the hair fall and it really bothers me.Some of my friends says it's just normal because i just gave birth last year.Well that was a myth,I learned that sometimes hair fall can cause by environment too like the wind it tangles the hair and causes individual strands to rub together and the sun the ultra violet rays added also to my hair damaged.Some says the more you style, the more you change the natural make up of your hair.

How can we prevent this things to happen?We Want our hair to be permanently beautiful not just temporarily by curling and ironing and many other stuffs.Sometimes it only take one product to solve all the hair problem,Last two week as i was looking online for a kind of shampoo that i haven't try.Yes this was the first time i used this product.The Black Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner.

Black Beauty 2 in 1 Shampoo with Conditioner Get strong, healthy and shiny
hair with our best-selling Black Beauty 2-in-1 Shampoo with Conditioner. Our highly
effective and easy to use formula guarantees you strong and vibrant hair with regular
-Gently & deeply cleanses both hair and scalp
-Fortifies hair for stronger, thicker strands
-Nourishes scalp and encourages hair growth

I bought two sachet because i'm trying it that's it only costs at Php11.48 each sachet kinda double the price of a regular shampoo but since it's 2 in 1 it's reasonable price.
After using it for 3 days i love how i feel everytime i comb my hair,It feels soft and vibrant.Even if my hair is short,I feel like it was shiny long hair.It's easy to rinse,The smell wasn't bad,Instantly making the hair more lively and the hair fall lessen,Hair strands in my comb and pillow are not that much as like before.Probably will buy the bottled one of this because i easily noticed good effect after using it for just several days.

Found out that they're  having an on-going promotion and i joined.check out my Entry =)Hope to win so that i can try all the variants of their products and might give a giveaway here too hehe.What do you think?Probably will send another one.

Join the promo by submitting your selfie with the product you use and you might get a prize.See Mechanics at the photo.

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Black Beauty Products is specially formulated to thicken human hair.Our rich hair thickening formula is designed to help repair, revitalizes andnourish dry and damaged hair caused by the effect of styling and theEnvironment.