Product Review: New Lux Perfumed Bath Collection,Magical Spell

Do you love using perfumed soaps and body wash?I'm not really fan of products that has a strong scents.Since i got this sets for free.Why not trying this one,Since not all products are the same quality,Maybe it'll change my mind about perfumed products.

Crafted by master perfumers from New York,London and Paris the world's No.1 Soap Brand is finally here im the Philipines.and Luckily i'm one given a chance to try it for free.Yes free because i registered in their website two weeks ago.I don't know much is the SRP of this but surely it's available in the market nationwide and also it has other variant,The Soft Touch,White Empress and Love Forever.Will try it too because i love this Magical Spell,When i started using it,I'm so excited and smell the products repeatedly.I love how it smells perfume when it's actually a soap.Must recommend this for perfume lovers.

It has Fragrance Pearls,Exotic Blooms and Essentials Oils for a long lasting enchanting scent on skin.Even if it's perfumed soap and body wash.It does not make the skin dry after using it.It leaves my skin soft and smell so good even after many hours.Have you tried this duo bath perfumed products?What do like most?

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