3 Step BlackHead Kit Remover is this Effective?

Last week as i was browsing products in an online shopping website,I found this Holika Holika Pignose Clear 3 Step Black Head Kit,Not sure if it's authentic because i read some brands saying that these website are selling "fake" but i think not all of their products are fake.Anyway,I bought this at less than hundred pesos.

I'm so excited to try this one because i like products that's removing blackheads,Blackheads is one of my biggest problem in my face.How about you? 
When i received it early this morning i immediately used it,The packaging's so cute.It has three strips for three steps,The first one was wet and it feels like a mask when using it.The second was like a normal pore strips,I like the step two strips because it's dry.Finally the third step,Super gunky wet.After the three steps,I feel cooling effect and when i touched my nose it's smooth,But not all blackheads are gone.I think it just make the nose smoother not removing the blackheads.
What i don't like in this kit is that it has weird scent,I can't tolerate the smell,I was like got dizzy.Honestly i don't like skincare products that has strong scent like this one.Also the packaging don't have English Label,How can i understand all those written in the back?gosh! Over all,I won't buy this one again.