Filters on Selfies,Why Not?!

Using filters on your selfie
Before Facebook, There's a Friendster. Way back before editing photos was not common to all, Just upload it. I remembered I always used blinking stickers in using it as testimonials or even as layout. But I'm not familiar with filters.I'm enjoying adding stickers or making a collage, Uploading photos before was not as easy as this days. Before using wire cable, Removing SD card and Bluetooth are the ways that people uploads their photos online and edit it through online editing photos sites. So many steps, Signing up there and everywhere.

Nowadays, Uploading photos is easy as 123, Via smartphone of course but the quality only differs in the smartphone you have.When i started using Instagram,I started using and discover how to improve photos by using filters.I enjoyed it especially in taking photos with low light, With the help of filters it can make the photos good.

What i like about filters,And editing photos application is that they addes make up tools like you can edit your eyes, nose and how flawless and smooth you wanted your skin are. Guess why i'm using thus kind of app.?Because i like the slimming face, I'm shy taking selfies because of my face i'm not a fan of making my selfie flawless but i'll make sure my face doesn't look so fat.Lol!I always point in 50% slimming face.

Some of my favorite photo editing app tools are Beauty Plus,PhotoRus,YouCam.
Why are you using filters,Share your favorites app too so i can try it too! 😊

*All of the contents of this post are all my opinion*