SansFlou Natural

When i was at my grade school age,My grandmother always reminding me to have my teeth cleaned after eating.Until i am in mid school she kept reminding it for me,And yet i'm not listening i was just laugh or say i just did earlier why toothbrush again and again?Until i became a mom,You what i'm started at my kids at their young age to be clean especially orally,I don't want their teeth became just like mine.😆
Glad,I found at the Department Stroe Baby Section are this kind of toothgel.

Toothgel Cleanser for 0-6 years old with Xylitol it has two flavors,Strawberry Free and Orange Flavor both are Flouride Free at 50 ml. 
Ingredients are Sorbitol Solution, Xylitol,Silica,Purified Water,Glycerin Sodium,Carboxymethylcellulose Flavor,Sodium Benzoate,Citric Acid
I used the Toothgel for my 3 year old

For my youngest and i used Xylitol Swab morning and afternoon same ingredients,I'm 100% sure that my kids teeth will be strong and away from cavity.Strong teeth and healthy gums starts at their young age. ☺