Safeguard For Men

September 13, 2015
My husband had a schedule when running,Every saturday he makes sure that he'll have atleast 2 hours of running it's part of his exercises anyway and i'm ok with that.What i don't like is after he run,He smells like fish lol,Before and after running he takes a bath to keep him feeling fresh and look fresh,But soap bar does'nt suits his body performance.anyway Good thing i found this 2 in 1 Hair + Body Wash Antibacterial by Safeguard.

It has 24 hours of Odor Shield from morning to night.

*Men can sweat up to 10 liters per day.And with physical acitivity,Men sweat 30%-40% more than woman.Witj sweat getms multiply and cause body odor.Safeguard for Men is designed to effectively cleanse and get rid of 99.9% of body odor-causing germs* 

* Odor Shield is a long lasting perfume technology that helps to leave skin's freshness for 24 hours.

Less sweating and no more body odor!Your husband will surely love this new product too!

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