How to Achieve #PondsNoMakeUpLook

Most of the girls,Like me wanted to look flawless and as much as possible we want to minimize usage of make up.No to pale look ofcourse,But not to heavy make up.What is No Make Up Look anyway?For me,I understand it as,Using light make up just to look natural in your face.How about you how do you understand it?

I'm sharing the basic steps to achieve thus #PondsNoMakeUpLook using Ponds ofcourse.
Step 1.
Use White Beauty pearl cleansing gel-Oxygenated gel with pearl essence.For Fair,Fresh skin.
Step 2.
Use Pond's Dewy Rose Gel
for flawless white skin.
Step 3.
Conceal and Protect
Apply Pond's BB+Cream
Make-up +skin care in one.
Step 4.
Make -up basic
Eyes,Blush and Lipstick.

Easy steps to look flawless and beautiful right,Very important things is don't forget to smile. Ok?

*all products and written here are mine*