Hair Make Supplement-Lúcido-L

Hi!How are you today?Me,I'm fine nothing's special.Anyway,Do you comb your hair 100 times before going to bed?Funny,Because i still do.Before,I was in middle school i learned that combing your hair 100 times before going to bed can make your hair more shinier and soft in short it can make your hair more beautiful.I don't if it's a myth or it has scientific explanation,Wheather it's true or not i do it up to now,Nothings wrong in trying.
Lately,My routine got changed,Before i'm not using anything before combing,I just used my hairbrush and that's it.It was changed when i knew about this hair make supplement,Lúcudo-L Hair Make Treatment,It's a treatment Oil (straight) I think if you have hair like mine,Dry this is perfect for you.I used it everynight before going to bed,And as usual comb my hair 100 times,I noticed how soft my hair was.In the morning,I was like having great hair morning,Easily to managed and makes my hair soft.No more dryness,And i love the smell,It's like perfume to my hair,I sleep everynight with beautiful hair after using this treatment.I'm not sure the price,How much it cost but i think it's around php200.I got it for free that's why. 😊