Green Cross Total Defense Antibacterial Sanitizer

Even before i was not yet a mom,I always bring with me alcohol or anything hand sanitizer,I don't like using handkerchief to wipe or just use water when cleaning my hands especially when i'm in public places like using public restrooms,We all knew how millions of germs out there.Well,I'm not sure how many lol!
I really like,Using sanitizers that has a scent of cleanliness,and after using it i feel fresh and clean especially now i have two kids,I always bring this Green Cross antibacterial sanitizer,Prevention is better than cure right,To keep away thus germs from us.Especially my 3 year old son,He keeps touching things,Gladly i used him this too!It's not drying and make him safe and germs won't spread through his hands.Why i like this,It has 5 in 1 protection.

5 Benefits in Sanitizer

*Kills Germs on Contact.
*Forms a protective barrier around hands to help defend against germs up to 5 hours.
*Prevents passing of germs through hands.
*Non-drying formula.
*Leaves hands smelling fresh and clean.

Directions:Apply thoroughly cover and wet hands.Rub until dry.
Precautions: Do not swallow or use near eyes.Store at temperatures not exceeding 30°C.
Ingredients: Ethyl Alcohol,Purified Water,Polyhexamethylene Biguanide,Benzalkonium Chloride,Propylene Glycol and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract,Glycerin,Fragrance.
Manufactured by Green Cross

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