Drink Great Taste White and be a Millioner!

I admit,I'm a coffee drinker since then when i was high school student.My grandmother always says it's not good for young people.I actually drink coffee with milk,I love how it tasted.Before i mix coffee and milk to get the taste i always wanted,Now no more mixing,Because there's Great Taste White coffee,I like the taste,Not too sweet.
And since i'm a coffee drinker i'm aware of their promotions,Because i'm a fan of their facebook page,When they launched their Promo:Choose Great,Win Great!I started collecting empty sachets,I know i only had 0.5% in winning because it's nationawide promotions.But good thing is i have atleast chance that can change my life.☺
What will i do if i win the grand prize?:
*I'll buy house and lot.
*Secure my son's education.
*Savings and bussiness
*Make street children happy atleast one day of their lives.
Can think more for now,So much to do if i win.Trying my luck😊..
Anyway,Let me show you my entries that i dropped last sunday in their drop boxes.

Want to join?Let me share to you the mechanics,
See photo for the complete mechanics
Photo from www.choosegreatwingreat.ph

Like and follow thier Facebook account  Great Taste 3in1 and follow them also in twitter for updates.

To everyone who joined like me,Goodluck to us! 👼