Aug 22, 2017

Why a relaxing Wellness & Spa in Cebu is a must

Cebu’s abundant history, world-class beaches and resorts, 5 star hotels and adrenaline rush activities. These are just a few words on how to describe the Queen City of the South.
Experience – a word that is closely related to Millennial’s sought after things to do. That is why traveling has been one of the most prominent thing common to them. This was boosted by the budget friendly travel agencies offering affordable package as well as the so called “piso fare” of different companies. 

Every year, millions of people around the country are going to Cebu to witness the biggest festival in the Philippines – The Sinulog Festival. This is a festival in honour of the miraculous image of Sto. Nino. If you are considering to experience and witness this one of a kind celebration, it is advisable to book way ahead of time for as hotels are fully booked 1 month away from the celebration. Although, you could easily get a transient for sure.

Another standout in Cebu is it’s world famous “swim with the shale shark in oslob”. I mean, every adrenaline seeker traveler will not pass a chance to swim with this creature. The experience is scary for sure but it will be something you will not forget forever. Although it has garnered some criticism lately because of some tourist abusing it, still it is a must go-to activity in cebu.

After it’s all said and done, after the heart-pumping activities and one of a kind festival, pristine beaches and breathtaking views, a relaxing time with your loved ones is what you need. Besides, that’s why you’re in a vacation right? To stay-away from the work stress, to stay away from your nagging boss, to stay away from your problems and to feel alive.

According to, Cebu is among the world’s best spa destination. Since travelers are after the experience, a world class wellness & spa in a luxury villa is what you need after the excruciating activities you’ve done during your trip. A unique, creative and relaxing spa treatment with well-trained staffs equipped with high quality oils in a breathtaking vicinity is what will make your Cebu trip one of a kind.