Oct 27, 2015

I Was Nominated For Liebster Award!!

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Yay! I was nominated for Liebster Award by  Jesma Salas of  truefalsemaybe.blogspot.com thank you for nominating me.This award aims to discover and meet new bloggers.Fun way! ☺

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Here's Jesma's 11 tough questions hihi...
1. If you will be given $10 million dollars what will you do with the money?
-I'll buy house and lot for my family,That's the first thing i will do then the rest maybe we will travel,Save money and help other people.That's a huge money i can't imagine what to do.lol!

2. If  you can have a super power what would it be and why?
-Super Power Hmm Maybe i have an ability to know it someone is telling a lie.

3. Can you tell me the most weirdest habit you have? =D
-Nothing's weird as far as i know. Lol

4. Who came first? the chicken or the egg? Defend your answer!
-The Chicken.She's the mother.huh

5. What question do you hate to answer?
-Like the question no.4 essshh

6. Do you believe in ghost? Have you ever seen one?
-Yeah i do.I've seen once.

7.What is the weirdest thing that ever happened to you that you cannot explain?
-There's a moment that makes me feel,I been in a place which is actually not.

8.What do you think is the most useless subject in school?
-for me Math,Not all jobs required or needs algebra hihi

  9.What is the one, single food that you would never give up?
-Rice.I think i can't survive a day without rice.lol

10. Name 3 places you would never want to go to
-Syria,Iran and Jamaica

11.If you could marry a fictional character, who would it be and why?
-Popeye.He's cute. 

11 Random Facts About Me

1.I love pink

2.I hate careless people

3.I'm a fan of TWD series

4.Love using phone than laptop/desktop

5.Have two kids

6.26 years old


8.Don't know how to ride bicycle

9.Have lots of patience


11.Lipstick lover

And Now,I'm Nominating this blogs:

And my easy questions are:

1.Are you Lier?

2.Gift you want to receive

3.Afraid of the dark?

4.Aldub fan?

5.Favorite Lines from a movie

6.Hardest problem encountered

7.Are you serious?

8.Hate part of the body?

9.Wish for the country.

10.Place you want to go

11.Simple means?

Eyyy!Don't forget the rules!