Sep 24, 2015

Your Major Transformation in Life can give a Brand New SYLPHY

Have you dreaming owning a car?Or do you have one?I guess for me it's a just a dream,A dream that can't be happen.But what if there's a way,A chance owning a car for free?Will you be interested?Of course You do!I found in Facebook this contest i'm pretty sure you'll be excited to join just like me,But unfortunately i didn't meet the requirements to be qualified to the contest because i don't have a driver's licence.Hope they'll have another promo that everyone can join like me.So sad! I wanna cry out loud!My chance was gone!
Any way enough of drama,I'm sharing you this good news,Nissan Philippines,Inc. Facebook page is giving away SYLPHY sound SELFIE right?Know more about SYLPHY HERE :
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For the complete mechanics HERE